What to eat today? – 4 Easy Chicken Recipes that are tasty and simple to make!


Chicken has been a popular ingredient widely used across the globe for a long time. You can do everything with chicken, from crispy, juicy fried chicken, cozy chicken curry to healthy boiled chicken breasts… If you are craving some chicken right now and wondering how to cook some quick dishes, let bTaskee recommend these 4 […]

What to eat today? – Tasty Breakfast Recipes for Busy People who love food


Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. It provides the energy to start an active day at work. What should be cooked as a delicious and simple breakfast for busy people like us to enjoy? Learn how to make these easy homemade meals with bTaskee through our Tasty Breakfast Recipes today! Our […]

Cách rang thịt lợn nạc ngon đúng điệu cho cả nhà


Thịt lợn là một loại thực phẩm dễ mua, dễ chế biến và dễ ăn với vô vàn công thức khác nhau. Trong đó, rang là một hình thức nấu nướng khiến món ăn thêm dậy mùi và đưa cơm vô cùng. Vậy bạn đã biết tới cách rang thịt lợn nạc ngon nức nở […]

Cách làm bánh trung thu dẻo đơn giản tại nhà


Tết Trung thu gần kề, bạn đã chọn cho mình những chiếc bánh xinh xắn, tròn đầy để đón trăng với  gia đình chưa? Nếu đang phân vân không biết nên chọn thương hiệu nào để đảm bảo, sao không thử ngay cách làm bánh trung thu dẻo tại nhà? Cùng vào bếp với bTaskee […]

What to eat today? Dalat Famous Dishes are waiting for you to explore!


Missing the cold atmosphere of Dalat after so long? Many people are craving for Dalat cuisine but cannot travel due to the current situation. Even if you have never been there, Dalat food will always have a charming vibe that attracts your appetite naturally. Well then, let’s bring the breezy atmosphere back into your own […]

What to eat today? – 3 amazing Tasty Pho Dishes to make at home on a rainy day


Tired of rice, bread, and currently craving for Pho – also known as the specialty of VietNam? You came just in time for today’s session! bTaskee is recommending 3 fragrant recipes for Tasty Pho Dishes right at home. What’s unique is that they aren’t served with broth. If you’re curious, stay longer and follow our […]