What to eat today? – Party at home with these 4 delicious Beef dish recipes


Who doesn’t like beef? It is not only a delicious protein but also very rich in nutrients. Therefore, in bTaskee’s “What To Eat Today?” section, we will show you how to cook 3 amazing dishes from beef for a family party at home. Highly recommended these beef dish recipes for a great home party this […]

Lighten up your family meal with these amazing Central Vietnam Food


Central Vietnam is widely known as a place with authentic royal cuisine, consisting of many delicious dishes along with a distinct sour & spicy taste. However, not all Central Vietnam food is hard to make. Our “What to eat today?” section will introduce you to an amazing and easy-to-make menu. Let’s start traveling around Central […]

What to eat today? Make your own Tasty Spicy Snacks with these 4 easy recipes!


During this COVID pandemic, snacking is probably the most effective way to relieve stress from your daily life. Choosing and buying healthy, delicious, but also affordable ones have become a popular concern of foodaholics these days, especially tasty spicy snacks. No need to overthink when you can make them right at home though! Because today […]

Tỷ lệ trứng và sữa khi làm bánh Flan bạn cần biết!


Bánh flan – món ăn vặt thơm ngon, bổ dưỡng rất được ưa chuộng và có cách làm khá đơn giản. Tuy nhiên, nếu không nắm được tỷ lệ trứng và và sữa khi làm bánh flan thì bạn sẽ khó lòng làm thành công món này.  Có nguồn gốc từ Châu Âu, bánh flan […]

What to eat today? – Delicious homemade recipes for your daily menu

Everyone always wishes their daily meals would include a variety of dishes from delicious homemade recipes. However, thinking about what to make every day is stressful and it takes us a lot of time to decide as well.  Looking for new & tasty recipes? We’ve got you covered. Please refer to the following 4-course menu […]

What to eat today? – Enjoy tasty Thai cuisine right at home with 4 simple dishes


Thailand is not only famous for its splendid tourist destinations but also for its unique cuisine. Let’s explore the charisma of tasty Thai cuisine with bTaskee through the recipes of 4 delicious Thai food on “What to eat today?” right away!  Today’s Thai-themed menu includes: Grilled chicken Papaya Salad Mango Sticky Butterfly Pea Rice Milk […]

What to eat today? – Back to your childhood: Delightful Mom’s Cooking Recipes


Mom’s cooking could be just simple and familiar dishes, but they always contain lots of love, care, and thoughtfulness of the mother. This flavor is impossible to find anywhere else but your family. When grown-ups have to leave home for work, they always crave for homemade meals.  Today, bTaskee will bring you back to your […]