laundry while traveling in vietnam

Laundry while traveling in Vietnam: 5 must-know tips

Laundry seems to be always a typical concern while traveling in Vietnam or anywhere you go that has a tropical weather. ‘How many items should
dịch vụ giặt ủi

How to choose a good laundry service?

Nowadays, laundry service is one of the common business models, as you can easily see one at any place on the street. With some single

Laundry during rainy season | How to deal with it?

Unlike the North and the Central of Vietnam having four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter; the weather in the South area is usually

Dry cleaning service: What to know before using

Aside from the usual reasons why we use laundry service, such as saving time and effort; dry cleaning service provides better care for expensive clothes

Outstanding features of bTaskee Laundry Service

Housework always takes lots of time of women in a day, especially washing clothes. Washing by hand or by machine, you also have to spend

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