How to take care of your kids during summer vacation?

Taking care of kids during the summer vacation is a pretty tough problem for parents nowadays. In order to make children happy, giving them a rewarding and meaningful vacation requires parents to implement an appropriate and well-suited method. 

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Summer vacation is a chance for children to “take a break” after a period of stressful studies at school. This is also the time that children like the most because they do not have to go to class every day. They can have fun and freely do what they like during this holiday. For kids to have a happy summer vacation full of new experience and excitement, there are honestly so many options you can choose from!

Check out the ideas below to find out how to take care of your kids during the summer vacation!

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A fun summer vacation creates an energy source for kids after a stressful period of school

Various interesting ideas shared by many parents

When summer vacation starts, some parents couldn’t spend enough time together with their kids. For parents with young children, many choose to send their children into summer daycare. However, this decision might make parents worry more. To feel more certain and safe about taking care of their children during the summer vacation, some families choose to hire a babysitter at home. This will ensure that their children can still spend their summer vacation at home without having to go to class every day.

Many parents hire a babysitter at home to help them take care of their children during the summer vacation

The most common case is when the parents choose to let their children visit their grandparents in their hometown, helping children get closer to their grandparents. Grandpa and grandma will take care of the kids so the parents could have time to focus on their work. However, some grandparents are too old, and looking after the kids will be somewhat difficult for them.

Case 1 – Takes care of kids during summer

The case of Mrs. Minh Ha in Nam Dinh is an example. Ms. Ha’s family has only one child. This year, the kid has just finished second grade. Her baby is an active child, and at home, she often acts naughty and plays tricks. If during this holiday Ha let her baby visit the elderly grandparents, she’s afraid that the grandparents will not be able to handle the baby. She discussed with her husband and decided to let her child attend skill courses organized by prestigious centers. With her active nature, her curiosity, and also curiosity about learning, Ms. Ha believes that her child will spend a fun summer vacation with this learning-by-playing course.

Letting children participate in training courses will be very helpful in their learning and growing up process. In fact, participating in the summer training course will help the children practice physically and mentally, and equip them with countless important knowledge and skills in life that parents may not be able to teach them daily. On the other hand, more importantly, it helps children develop dynamism and confidence in themselves, which is what any parent would expect their kids to have so that they can be more courageous in all circumstances.

Participating in training courses is also an interesting choice for children

If the child does not participate in the training course, parents have many other options to take care of their kids during summer vacation and create useful summer holidays such as taking a few more classes, learning to swim, etc … Particularly for the homework assigned during the holidays, parents should combine studying with games for their children to take them off the overwhelmed pressure and still remember the knowledge learned.

Case 2 – Take care of kids during summer

Unlike the choices that Ms. Ha just shared above, Ms. Hanh Nhung (Ho Chi Minh City) said: “Actually, I can still arrange for my children some day-offs while they go to summer schools such as weekends or holidays. I want my children to make full use of the free time of the summer vacation; visit and travel to many new places. Perhaps, our advantage over other parents is the amount of time. Since both of them work at home, it is possible to take the initiative in arranging work and time. So it will be easier for them to travel with their children than other families. 

Traveling is an essential choice for kids during the summer vacation

Case 3 – Take care of kids during summer

If there is no way to take the kids on vacation, how do you keep children at home during the summer vacation without being bored and wasting time? Ms. Thanh Loan (Dong Nai) shares a secret to make her children stay at home during a happy summer vacation as follows:

“We let our children assign housework to each other, what cannot be done will be taken care of by Dad & Mom. Every day, before going to work, I remind the two children of the tasks on that day. So I taught my children how to take care of the house, trained them to be quick-witted, strong. Also, they helped kids learn one thing: You can only get good results if you work hard for them. Particularly on weekends, I will spend more time with my kids and teach them entertaining games such as chess, seahorses,…”

Many parents expressed their admiration for Ms. Thanh Loan’s method and also shared that they would apply the method to their children.

The most important thing is still your kid’s choice

Child psychologists believe that most babies will like and feel more interested in the field they choose for themselves. Instead of the choices their parents impose on them. And in fact, this is correct. Even if we want to do the things we like, our kids are no different. In order for your children to experience a rewarding summer vacation in the most comfortable mood. Parents need to note that, only choose and suggest activities for your child. Absolutely do not decide by yourselves so that your child will not be pushed and feel stressed out. The story that Ms. Thanh Loan shared about taking care of her baby during the summer vacation. She lets the children choose to do housework by themselves as above is also a typical example.

Doing what the kids want will help your them enjoy it more

Case 4 – Take care of kids during summer

To share more with our readers on this issue, we would like to tell a very interesting and humorous story of a family in Hanoi. This family has two children, the older is 15 years old and the younger is 10 years old. Both children are very obedient, hard-working, and kind to adults. 

Last summer vacation, because the children had good academic records, the parents decided to secretly reward them for a domestic trip. However, through talking with friends, the mother decided to find out whether the children really want to spend this precious summer vacation time traveling or not. And surprisingly, both children answered that they preferred to stay at home; doing their homework and help their parents with the work. Even at a very young age, they are thoughtful, considerate, immersed in self-study, and care for their parents. After listening to the children’s sharings, the mother was not disappointed that she had to cancel the trip. Instead, she was extremely happy that the children had made the choices she herself wanted. 

With the love and responsibility above all of the parents, each family member should arrange the working time to spend more time with one another. Take care of your kids during summer vacation to create and tighten the family’s emotional bond! At the same time, parents should listen to their children expressing their aspirations and interests. So that they can learn and experience themselves. Don’t forget to avoid the situation where summer days are just another “third term” school semester and put more pressure on your children.

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