The best ways to take care of your family without invading their privacy

To have one’s privacy respected, loved, and cared for is something everyone wants to receive. However, the line between taking care of your family and invading their privacy is very thin. If that’s the case, how do we take care of our family members and respect their privacy at the same time? Is the way you’re using right now the right way?

To be able to answer that question, first, let’s find out what privacy actually is!

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What is privacy?

Of all human rights, privacy is perhaps the hardest to define. Because for each individual, the perception of this definition is very different. For person A, one situation is normal. But for B, it is an invasion of their privacy. 

But in general, privacy is a fundamental and essential right of every citizen, helping to ensure that each person is respected and that no one can arbitrarily interfere in private life, family, residence, or through their correspondence, telephone, telegram. If anyone wants to collect, publish information, documents about the life or private life of another person, he or she must receive the consent of that individual. 

Or to put it more simply, privacy is the right to be able to have something of your own, not wanting others to interfere or they must have your permission first.

Everyone needs privacy, whether at home or out in society

How important is respect for privacy in a family?

Respect for opinions and privacy will help build trust – the key factor that helps maintain and make relationships comfortable, firm, and lasting. Also, when privacy is respected, people feel loved and trusted. Because no one will invade your privacy if they love and trust you enough.

Gaining respect also helps you to be yourself confidently, to live with your own belief and ideal. It is the foundation that makes it easier to achieve success in your relationships, work, and life.

The best ways to take care of your family without invading their privacy 

Educate about the importance of respecting the privacy

Being aware of privacy and its importance will help each person become more self-conscious. Everyone should be aware of their privacy protection and have respect for the privacy of others. In addition, correctly and accurately understanding the benefits gained from respect for privacy will motivate you to do so. 

Educate children about the importance of privacy to raise awareness from an early age

Set rules and limits (family regulations)

Each family and individual has different perceptions of privacy. So it’s hard to know exactly what is their definition of “privacy invasion”. Therefore, each family should discuss together to decide on an overview of privacy. Thanks to that, we will know what is the privacy limit for each member; properly try not to violate the rules. When you have some general rules, it’s easier to take care of your family.

However, we don’t need to have family meetings or do anything too formal to be able to set privacy rules and standards. Parents only need to carefully bring up the privacy topic to their children through movies, books, etc., thereby polling their children’s opinions as well as giving their own opinions.

Build trust among family members

Building trust among members will be a bridge to bring everyone closer together, share, and understand each other without violating anyone’s privacy. Because when the other person respects and is willing to share with you their problems in life, there’s no reason for you to accidentally violate their privacy.

For parents, lending children your trust will help them gain confidence and be ready to open up to people around them. At the same time, if children can share many things in life with their parents. It will reduce theỉ rate of feeling lonely or depressed.

Trust is the foundation of relationships. It also helps avoid privacy invasion

Spend more time to listening and sharing

Taking some time to listen to other stories and share together more is one of the ways family members get to know each other better. When you understand each other, you will learn that to the other person, what is private and what is not. Opening up more with your family will allow you to know what your loved ones need, their thoughts, and how to take care of them properly.

Spend a lot of time opening up to understand the others instead of invading their privacy

Observe and care instead of stalking or monitoring

The best way to take care of the family is to understand what each member needs to do. But all will be meaningless if you choose to invade others’ privacy, stalk, and monitor to know more about the person you love. Those ways will cost you their trust.

Caring about your children does not equal to stalking and monitoring them

If you love and want to know your family members’ feelings, then spend more time observing and helping them. Certainly, when you understand a person without any word needed, they will feel love and respect from you more than ever.

Always ask for their opinion first

To take good care of your loving family, in addition to caring and understanding. It is also important to respect others’ opinions. Family members should respect each other’s opinions. Especially before deciding on something related or directly affecting the other members.

For example: knocking and asking for your children’s permission before entering the room, before touching their school bag, the children’s belongings … We feel more valuable when we are respected. Thus, we will know for ourselves that we must respect the opinions and privacy of others as well.

Give one another some space and the right to “be alone”

Each person is a separate individual. Therefore, everyone needs to have their own space. And as people get older, they need more and more personal space. But that doesn’t mean they’re hiding or doing anything wrong. Sometimes they just want to calm down to think carefully and have some quiet time for themselves. It is completely natural and each of us should respect one another’s own space.

Every person needs a moment to be alone in his or her own space and world

Just let them be in their own world and calmly think things through. When they are ready and have enough faith in you, they will talk to you. Trying to interfere with someone’s private world will only make them lose their trust and drift further away from you. Especially for teenagers, invading their world only makes them more likely to rebel and go further into the negative side.

Teach how to use the internet, social networks safely

In today’s 4.0 society, your life at home cannot be separated from the internet and social networks. To take care of your family in the best ways, parents should educate their children on how to use the internet, social networks safely.

Proactively educate your child on how to use the internet, social networks and you will not need to interfere with their privacy

If parents take the initiative to create good habits when using digital platforms. It will ease the worry that their children would use the internet for the wrong purpose. Of course, parents do not have to surreptitiously check their children’s phones, text messages, and access history. Being more proactive when taking care of your family will be the solution. You don’t have to turn love and care into supervision or invade their privacy. 

Put yourself in other people’s shoes

Putting yourself in the shoes of others is the best way to understand them. Being in their position will help you avoid doing things that could harm the other person. Parents and children should put themselves in each other’s shoes to see if that is what the other person needs; or if the action would hurt them.

Or you can take care of your family without invading their privacy by thinking carefully about what you are going to do, ask yourself what if you were the one to experience that, will they or you be happy about it. You will be able to provide yourself the answer to your actions after thinking thoroughly. 

Privacy issues between parents and children

Parents should respect their children’s privacy and set a reliable example for them. Parents are also encouraged to give children their own space and world. A closer look would be needed for young children who are not mature enough and don’t have enough experience as well as the ability to deal with seriously terrible situations. Therefore, even though parents should give their children their own space, they also need to observe and offer help or a listening ear in time.

You will take care of your family better when you know how to let them spend more time caring and figuring out others’ thoughts. Respect, trust, and be considerate towards one another. It is these simple daily things that will help everyone understand each other better and know what to do to care for and show love to the people they love. Lastly, when we are loved, trusted, and understood, we will finally be able to give each other respect for our opinions and privacy, and know how to give love to receive happiness.

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