Things to prepare when traveling with a baby

Making a list of things to prepare when traveling with a baby without being too bulky is always a headache for parents. So what to bring when traveling with a baby and still have a family trip with interesting experiences?

Here is a list of things to prepare that every family must-have when traveling with a baby in the summer.

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1. Personal identification and Papers of baby

Birth certificate, passport, household registration book

Passport is one of the things to prepare when traveling with a baby that you should be aware of, especially newborn babies. If your family travels domestically, you only need to prepare a birth document, birth certificate, household registration book or vaccination book for your baby.

In addition, you can take baby’s health insurance card or medical certificate. It will show the doctor know the baby’s medical record if he or she accidentally has a health problem. Please note and put these documents right into your bag because this is one of the most important things for the family to start the trip.

A birth certificate should be taken with your baby on every trip

Address, contact information

In case your baby goes astray, you should put your baby’s name, parent’s name, home address, phone number or hotel address on a piece of paper and always bring it with your baby. Or for older children, you need to tell them who to seek help from if they can’t find their parents or let them memorize your phone number.

Wristbands engraved with names and phone numbers will also be an answer to the travel-related question so as to prevent your baby from getting lost.

wristbands-with-names and-addresses-for-baby-when-traveling
Wristbands with names and addresses in case the baby is lost

And maybe before the whole family departure, you can take a few minutes to take a picture of the baby and save on the phone. If your baby is unfortunately lost, you will easily describe to people around you and the authorities about your child’s characteristics and costumes.

2. The “clothing sets” for babies

Clothes are also one of the important things to prepare when traveling. A few days before the trip, you should have “set” clothes for the baby. That will help you avoid wasting time with the everlasting problem when traveling, what to dress your child.

In addition, when preparing clothes for your baby, you should pay attention to the climate and weather to be able to bring along appropriate clothes. If the family is traveling in the summer, you should prepare your baby summer clothes (short sleeves, lightweight fabric, cool…). But you should also bring a few long-sleeved clothes because the weather can suddenly change.

Clothes should be prepared and divided into “sets” for babies

However, you should only prepare clothes in sufficient quantities. If you carry too much will make your luggage look very clumsy and make it difficult to move around. But redundancy is better than deficiency right?

3. Diapers, toiletries for babies


Another indispensable item in the list of things to prepare when traveling with a baby, especially for children under 3 years old – Diaper. You should bring more diapers than you need to wear on normal days to prevent unexpected events and should bring the most suitable ones for your baby so they can remain comfortable during the trip.

Diapers should always be in the bag, especially for babies under 3-year old

In addition, you should pay attention to changing your baby’s diaper regularly to ensure the health status of your baby as well as limit the baby from crying due to rash, stuffy. On the other hand, when changing diapers regularly for babies, you will feel much safer, proactive and hygienic.

Plastic bags, empty plastic bottles

Dark-colored plastic bags of various sizes will be useful when traveling with young children especially when your baby is still wearing diapers. They are very convenient for you to contain both dirty diapers and clothes, which is neat and hygienic.

In addition, plastic bags and empty plastic bottles can be a rescuer when children need to go to the toilet on the train, in a car or on the road. And remember not to give your baby too much water when moving to limit the baby from taking a leak.

You should remember to put plastic bags and plastic bottles after use in the right place so that it does not affect the environment and the people around you. This act also helps your baby to be more aware of environmental protection.

Portable flashlights

You should also consider carrying a small portable light or using a phone flashlight (but the phone light will be a bit difficult to use there). Lights will help you greatly when feeding your baby late at night or changing diapers which will avoid affecting people around.

Paper towels, hand sanitizer, cleaning agents

Wet wipes are a priority for traveling, especially when your baby is still little. When changing diapers, hand sanitizer or cleaning solution will help you deodorize, kill bacteria effectively.

In addition, even older children will be very sensitive to changing environments so regular personal hygiene is essential. Hand sanitizer will be very convenient to use when traveling a lot. So this is another item on the list of certain things to be prepared when traveling with a baby for the parents!

Hand sanitizer will help your baby ensure resistance during the trip

4. Baby food and tools for feeding

Milk and breastfeeding tools

For babies, milk is one of the first things to prepare when traveling that moms absolutely must not forget. If your baby is on drinking formula, you can divide it into smaller batches to make it easier for you.

Also, do not forget to bring pre-sterilized pacifiers, liquid solution bags or sterilization effervescent tablets to disinfect small items during transportation. In addition, it is very important to carry around your baby’s pacifiers because they tend to be fastidious and do not like to use unfamiliar things.

In addition, mothers can prepare for themselves a coat or a dark-colored scarf to facilitate breastfeeding in public. The blanket or towel will also make your baby feel warm and sleep better during the trip.

Sterilized bottles and nipples are always necessary to be prepared for your baby

Baby food, tools to feed the baby

If your baby is at the age of the weaning process, you should bring tools such as cups, spoons, bowls and other foods that your baby used to eat: powder, instant porridge, yogurt…

Preparing in advance what your baby needs will help you be more active because babies are easily hungry. In addition, it is more convenient for mothers to prepare their own food because sometimes they are very picky about eating. This also saves you a lot of costs.

Snack, confectionery

At home, you may not allow your baby to eat snacks or candies because they are not good for baby’s health. But when traveling, especially in crowded places, feeding your baby candies will make them be more docile and less fussy. In addition, these snacks in tourist areas are quite expensive and you will spend a lot of money if not prepared in advance.

5. Medicines, skin creams, sunscreen

Antipyretics, anti-diarrhea medicines, medicines,…

Medications are a must because young children are easily irritated by changes in their surroundings. Maybe the baby will be allergic to the weather, climate or irritated due to changing environment. Sometimes eating strange things is also likely to cause diarrhea for babies.

Therefore, make a list and buy a full range of medications to tag along. Such as antiemetic, pain relievers, fever-reducing patches, abdominal pain medicines, anti-diarrhea medicines, digestive enzymes… It will probably take you a long time to find a place to buy medicine late at night.

Medications (antipyretic, diarrhea,…) should be fully prepared during each trip

Hat, glasses, sunscreen

The baby’s skin is still quite sensitive to the sun and sometimes intense heat will make the baby uncomfortable. Therefore, you should prepare your baby with sun protection hats, umbrellas and a few sunscreen bottles. And you need to note about ingredients suitable to limit the baby’s skin from UV damage when being outdoors.

Hat and sunscreen will help protect your baby’s sensitive skin

Mosquito repellent, insect repellent cream

Except for the hot sun, mosquito or insect bites will make babies cry and uncomfortable. The bites affect sleeping babies, parents and people around. Get the mosquito repellent and insect repellent cream ready in your luggage as there are mosquitoes and insects anywhere. And you should pay attention to the ingredients in skin creams so that your baby doesn’t get irritated.

6. Carriers or strollers, car seats

A sling can be worn on the front as a cradle or as a baby carrier behind your back. It will help you limit from holding your baby directly. Thanks to that, your arms can rest. Please note, you should choose the types with waterproof lining! It’s very necessary for parents to bring when traveling with a baby.

Using a stroller will also be very handy. You can choose compact, foldable trolleys to save space.

A carrier will help you to be softer when taking care of your baby

7. A portable bag contains everything baby need

You should arrange your own luggage because they have a lot of miscellaneous items. Undoubtedly, putting all your baby’s stuff in one big bag and checking in simultaneously is not recommended. You need to prepare a small portable bag to hold the essentials. That your baby may need at any time during the trip such as diapers, milk, paper towels,…

8. Baby’s favorite toys and pillows

Your baby may behave strangely and may not have a good night’s sleep in a hotel. Therefore, you should bring baby blankets and pillows from home before traveling.

In addition, babies are often very active and never sit still. So you can carry your favorite compact toys, colorful toys will help take care of your baby easier there. Maybe you can also let your children watch movies, listen to music on the phone. Or let them participate in intellectual activities such as reading books, play lego… is also a great idea.

Favorite toys will help your child have fun during the trip

9. Plastic mats, picnic pads, life jackets

Plastic pads will help your child be safe, avoid scratches and keep them clean even if your baby is crawling and running around. Or you can use a coat to take care of your baby gently. Safety vests will keep the baby under your control no matter how naughty your baby is.

10. Phones, cameras, camcorders

Traveling without taking pictures to save the moments is extremely regrettable. So, you should immediately put cameras, camcorders into the list of things to prepare when traveling. The family will be able to save all the lovely experiences during the trip. Also, remember to bring a spare charger.

Some notes for you

To avoid forgetting your belongings, make a list of things to prepare when traveling a few weeks in advance. Also, you should check all of these lists about 2-3 times before you leave. It will make sure you don’t forget anything. You should also remember to put the baby’s belongings in a separate suitcase. This will help avoid confusion, making it easier to find.

In addition, your psychology is also one of the things to prepare when traveling. Because traveling is the time when the whole family has fun and relaxes together. So you should not be too worried or strict with your baby like when you are at home. Please review everything carefully, when all is ready, your family just needs to enjoy a complete and fun trip with your baby.

Please note: the things listed above are a few of the things to be prepared when traveling with your baby. You should consider your baby’s age to decide exactly whether or not to bring any item!

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