5 Awesome Ways to get kids motivated for school after summer vacation

How do you get kids motivated for school after a long period of summer vacation? Try these following 5 extremely effective tips!

After a long summer vacation, most children are often in the state of being too lazy to go to school. The reason is that kids are used to staying at home instead of studying at schools to play with their grandparents and parents, traveling, and playing all the games they like. Therefore, returning to school for children means losing the above-mentioned pleasures that they have become accustomed to during the summer vacation. Moreover, coming to school unintentionally creates pressure on the child because he or she has to get familiar with the new classroom, sometimes even new classmates.

At the start of the new school year, children will have to study and do homework almost every day. This is something most children are not willing to do. How can you get kids motivated for school?

This gives parents tons of headaches. Many families have to comfort and flatter their children but it still doesn’t work. Sadly, for some families, when their children fall into a situation of not wanting to study, they scold, even threaten to beat them, force them to go, which makes an already difficult task even more difficult and scary in the eyes of children.

It is never easy to get your child to school all motivated and excited.

Let your kid choose their favorite school supplies and clothes

Back at school, what’s the first thing moms usually do for their kids? Surely it’s the purchase of utensils, tools, clothes for your children’s education, right? That’s why you should never miss this opportunity to win their hearts and create excitement for children after summer vacation. If your child refuses to go, do not start scolding or intimidating them. Instead, suggest items that your child will surely love such as a new uniform, new shoes, or new supplies. 

Let children prepare for school with parents and choose the right item based on their interests. This will get kids motivated for school and look forward to the new school year. Pay attention to the child’s feelings even to the smallest detail, make sure that they will be extremely excited about the start of the new year to show off to their lovely, unique items.


Let your kids join you and choose their favorite things to start the new school year

Give your children a gift on the first day

All children love presents. That’s right! Parents should take advantage of this opportunity to give their children a small gift to raise their spirit on the first day. This will be super helpful. Pay attention to what your child likes or wants to own, or where he or she wants to hang out. You can make a promise to your child in advance, let them calm themselves, and then fulfill that promise to encourage them. In some cases, a gift you give your baby can be a compliment or encouragement on the first day of the new school year. Regularly, kids who are praised by their parents will be extremely happy and will often try their best to do better and receive more compliments from their parents.

A compliment is also a great gift to encourage your child to go to school

Organize a small celebration on the first day of school for your kid

If your child is worried and afraid of going to school, why not turn the first day into a festival? It’s very simple. Let your baby know that on the first day, he or she will be going to a party with his classmates. This might get kids motivated for school and boost their spirit. Many children enjoy going to parties, but make sure your child is one of them before applying this idea!

Although this technique is only used on the first day, once the child is obedient to go, it will be easier for parents to bring their children to school after that. A thought in the child’s mind will form: “there are so many friends at school like me, I can enjoy going to school every day.” A cool party can also help children gain confidence in front of their classmates.

A welcome party is a simple but effective method to motivate and excite children.

Let your child explore the school before summer ends

An equally important tip is to explore the classroom with your child before the new school year starts. Children can learn about the structure and classroom, avoiding confusion when returning to school after more than two months of summer vacation. This is not always needed. However, if a child can visit school with parents, he or she will feel like going out without pressure instead of going to school. In addition to the above benefits, visiting the school before going back also helps them feel more excited about the new changes and games available. Thanks to that, the child will no longer feel bad.

Let your child discover interesting things before returning to school.

Introduce and help your kids make new friends

Help your child make new friends and feel more positive about school

In addition to playing many games or learning interesting things, the joy of schooling is the children’s friends. Even adults, when going to work, also need colleagues by their side to talk, share their stories, and hang out together. It is the same for kids! Children usually make new friends easily. However, sometimes it is necessary to have parental support for the kid to be braver.

Help your child make new friends by introducing friends to them, creating space for them to play, talk, and get to know one another. When your child begins to make close friends, he or she would want to go to school every day to meet them. At home, don’t forget to ask about their new friends, because this will boost your child’s excitement. The kids won’t feel as bad as they used to. 

Get kids motivated for school after summer vacation!

For children to be energetic about school after the summer vacation, besides the 5 tips above, it is important to have interests in asking questions and conversing with your children more. The proper attention of parents always has a wonderful effect on their children. This is an important factor you should not ignore during the process of raising children. Parents can ask children about interesting lessons, friends, and pay attention to their expressions as well as behaviors. Make sure to listen carefully to their stories! They are essential if you want your children to be happy.

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