Preparing your child for the new school year – The 7 TIPS

The start of a new school year for children after such a “special” summer vacation may not be that easy for the family. Let’s check out a list of things you need to prepare your children for the upcoming school year with bTaskee! 

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1. Buying new school stationery

Going on a trip to a store or a mall to buy stationery, textbooks, and new clothes with the kids is a way to create the excitement of going back to school after the 2020 unique summer vacation. Your children will surely love these special gifts. This is also a time for parents to bond with and learn more about their children’s likings. 

You can let the kids choose and buy things comfortably, even though the amount could be more than needed. Stationeries often have many discounts at the beginning of the school year, especially on online sites such as Tiki, Shopee, Lazada… The kids need to change and renew stationeries frequently during the year. That’s why you can buy some extra stuff at this time to save later costs.  

Eye-catching stationeries will make children more excited about going to school.

2. Revise knowledge of the old school year and learn beforehand

Although the holiday is quite short, parents should not be subjective! You should review the knowledge from the old school year with your child and teach them the first few parts of the new textbook. This will help your children study when returning to the classroom, be confident, and understand the lesson better. The textbook curriculum is changing and is constantly updated. To help your child acquire a new volume of knowledge, parents should buy interesting picture books, bilingual fairy tales, and comics about celebrities related to the curriculum. Diverse forms of education will help them stay focused, and you can also enjoy the teaching process.

Review the curriculum of the previous year and get familiar with the new textbook

3. Provide nutritious meals for your children

After the school year starts, the schedule of the kids will naturally change. Children can easily get tired of the new amount of knowledge and the time they spend at school. Therefore,  parents need to prepare a child’s breakfast with essential nutrients such as starch, protein, calcium, fiber, sugar from fresh fruits … Packing an eye-catching ornamented lunch to your children’s liking during breaks is essential. In the evening, welcome your child home with a warm meal for the whole family.

Nutritious meals provide energy for children to learn effectively

4. The uniform and textbooks should be ready before school

Do not let the first day of school begin with the chaotic scene when children cannot find clothes or necessary items. Parents should help their children practice the habit of preparing everything from the night before, hanging uniforms in order so that they can easily change into suitable clothes the next morning.

To avoid falling asleep and being late for school, teach your child how to set their daily alarms. The trick is to give “rewards” when your child attends school on time and a small “punishment” when they are late. You can create an emulation game to stimulate children’s ambition, help them build a timely and careful lifestyle.

Don’t forget to remind the kids to double-check everything before going to bed

5. Design effective, self-motivated learning space

To motivate children in the new semester, the home study space should be designed with full of natural light, soft colors to help children relax. Parents can add some ornamental pots or green decorative motifs, bringing the nature factor into the room. Desks and chairs require a suitable height and width based on the size of the child. Involve your child in decorating their favorite learning spaces to develop their personality.

Parents can refer to some samples below!

The study space has potted plants, plant textures that bring natural elements to the room
Looking pretty modern and lively right? The shelves and wooden floors will help create a cozy feeling for children’s learning space
The learning environment has a great influence on a child’s ability to absorb knowledge

A wall-attached table without legs creates a spacious space for children to be comfortable and it is also easier to clean. A light blue-gray color for the room is suitable for introverts.

Refer to other designs at:

6. Practice good and punctual sleeping habits for children

The first day of school always includes many activities such as saluting the flag, opening speech, receiving classes, introducing the school year … If the kids don’t go to bed early and get enough sleep the night before, they will feel tired, be unable to concentrate, and likely to fall asleep at school. Early bedtime routines should be developed at least 2 weeks before the start of the school year so that children can adjust to the new schedule. During these 2 weeks of testing, parents and children can adjust the family rhythm and build good habits to make the morning more comfortable for everyone.

Going to bed on time helps both children and parents feel relaxed in the morning

7. Ease the mentality of the child before going back to school

 Having to return to school can make children depressed, insecure because they are not used to the new classroom atmosphere, if there is no more playing, sleeping late in the morning, or living comfortably like during vacations. To soothe the mentality of children before school starts, parents should try to talk, share memories of school time, and review old photo albums with them to make a good impression about the new school year. You can buy a welcoming gift for your children (teddy bear, car, school supplies …) as a motivation for learning and give it to them on the first day of school.

Talk to your child to ease anxiety about returning to school after the holidays

Above are some important things to keep in mind for children before school starts. Parents should teach children how to prepare all the necessary items, promote confidence, and build good habits for children every day. Do not forget to double-check everything and prepare your children carefully to start their new school year smoothly!

If housework makes parents unable to spend a lot of time bonding with children, let bTaskee give you a helping hand!

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