Easy hacks for cleaning your gym clothes!

Does cleaning your gym gear seem like a workout in itself? It can sometimes feel like, no matter how thorough you clean them, the smell still lingers. We have come up with a list of easy hacks for cleaning your gym gear so they are clean and fresh for your next gym session.

Smelly Trainers

Whether you are a gym bunny or simply training for a marathon, smelly sneakers are a very common (and embarrassing) problem to have. Until odour-free trainers actually make it to the shelves, a good tip to keep your sneakers smelling fresh is to freeze them overnight. No kidding, but freezing your sneakers will also freeze the bad odours and prevent them from being released to your unlucky workout buddies.

Helpling Tip:

Put your shoes in a plastic bag and seal it tightly before placing it inside your freezer. Leave the bag overnight and wake up to the fresh smelling, odourless sneakers.

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