Dry cleaning service: What to know before using

Aside from the usual reasons why we use laundry service, such as saving time and effort; dry cleaning service provides better care for expensive clothes which cannot simply be wet-cleaned at home.

The whole process of dry cleaning service is usually like this:

  • Firstly, clothes will be identified by clothing brand tags in order to avoid confusion with other customers items.
  • The staff will check the clothes in advance to see whether it already has any error or not. It is also to ensure customers do not forget their personal stuff.
  • Then, stains will be firstly removed from clothes before being put in the washing machine with chemical liquids. The two common used liquids are Perc and Hydrocarbon.
  • After that, the staff will check again to make sure that the stain is completely removed and start ironing. They will then hang on the rack, cover with a nylon hanging garment bag and be ready for return.

And here are some tips when using dry cleaning service for both customers and business.

1. Knowing what type of clothes should be dry-cleaned

It is hard for clothes that have distinctive textures like leather, silk, fur or wool, to keep its shape when being wet washed. Those materials are often sensitive to water, since it will easily shrink and stretch if you wash them in the water. Dry cleaning service usually use harmful chemicals; therefore, you should not do it by yourself and it is better to use this service for clothes having the label “dry clean only”.

dry cleaning
Clothes should be in good care to maintain its color and textures (Image: btaskee.com)

2. Having a careful check on clothes

Many people seem not likely to bring their clothes to the laundry service; because they are afraid of errors such as frayed fabric, scratches or smears found on clothes and even item loss. Therefore, in order to ensure the service is as good as what you expect, you should:

  • Checking in and out of pockets in advance to see whether you forget something or not. These items will get damages as well as damage back other stuff, like your own clothes.
  • Reminding the business about the stains, temperature, wash care symbols or any other problems.
dry cleaning
Remember to carefully check your pockets before taking it to the laundry service (Image: btaskee.com)

You should not also remove the stains on clothes by yourself at home, because you may damage all your own expensive clothes if you do not know how to do it right.

3. Bringing your clothes to the dry cleaning service right after the stains from beauty products are found

Beauty products are the daily essential things for any woman, but those products can contain chemicals that easily stains on clothes, such as make-up, deodorants, hair sprays or perfumes, etc. You may then try to wash it many times, but the stains are still there and it somehow makes your clothes shrink and easy to torn. Thus, do not hesitate to bring your clothes to the laundry service since there are experts to help your solve these problems.

dry cleaning
Beauty products usually contain chemicals that may harm your clothes (Image: btaskee.com)

4. Washing clothes in sets

When bringing your clothes to the laundry service, you should always wash the whole set together and avoid to wash separately. This helps preventing the difference in color and the fabric texture in one set.

dry cleaning
Customers often bring suits to laundry service for better care and quality (Image: btaskee.com)

5. Removing the nylon hanging garment bag from the laundry service

Laundry service tends to cover clean clothes with nylon hanging garment bags to prevent getting dirt. However, you should remove it from your clothes when hanging it in your closets since humidity may be still inside the bag which will damage your clothes soon.

dry cleaning
Remember to remove all nylon hanging garment bags from your clothes before storing in the closets to prevent mold (Image: btaskee.com)

Translated from Thư Lê’s “Điều gì bạn cần lưu ý khi mang quần áo đi giặt khô ở tiệm?”

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