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Secrets of Laundry Pickup and Delivery Services you have to know

Laundry Pickup and Delivery Services is more and more convenient for customers. However, not everyone know clear about type of clothes, frabics and laundry service types. We usually miss that point. If we know clear about that, we can lengthen life expectancy of clothes, save time and money with Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service. Let find out those secrets with bTaskee following article.

1. Normal laundry without Drying

In sunny season, normal laundry service without drying is convenient and can save money for customers. Instead of washing and drying at store, you can choose only washing and bring your clothes back home to hang. When choose washing and drying, it takes 6 hours to receive your clean clothes. So that, you can absolutly choose wet wash option within 2 – 3 hours, and then hang your clothes at home, save time and money.

Normal laundry without Drying is convenient and save money (Image: bTaskee)

2. Wet wash and Steam iron

Wet washing is combination of detergents, washing liquid and washing machine to remove stains. Shirts, blankets, bedsheets,… are all of formal clothes can have a wet wash and steam iron. With wet wash, steam iron clothes can wash according to traditional way: wet clothes with washing liquid or detergents, discharge and steam iron. Advantages of this option are save money, friendly with customers and environment. So that, this method is widely applied.

Wet wash and Steam iron is widely expanded (Image: bTaskee)

3. Dry wash and Steam iron

Dry wash is method using special solvent which is different from other detergents and washing liquid to remove stains such as oil, coffee without faded and harmful. This is the best method with 03 strong points in quality, healthy and environment: remove oil, fat stains and the stains can dissolve in water. It is suitable for clothes with special frabics, sensitive with wet wash. Customers will feel comfortable when wearing clothes, protect frabics, advoid faded, safe for customers, friendly with environment.

Dry wash and Steam iron is the ideal option nowadays (Image: bTaskee)

4. Wet wash and Dry

Like wet washing – steam iron, wet washing and dry use water and detergents to clean clothes. This service is more usually friendly and safe for environment, however the effect is not high and can not retain durability of clothes. Wet wash and dry will safer for customers and the smart option for all of customers.

Wet wash and Dry is suitable for all kinds of clothes (Image: bTaskee)

5. Dry wash and Renew

Dry wash – renew is suitable for clothes and accessories made from leather. Leather need to be cleaned first inside and outside. Then, spray intire the surface with leather conditioner and use dry machine to help those soft and retain color. The last step is renew by one of oil layer to make it new and to retain durability of products. Leather clothes are always favored, require the “take care” which only Dry wash and renew service can perfectly afford that.

Dry wash and Renew is the best laundry option for clothes and accessories made from leather. (Image: bTaskee)

When we know those “secrets” of laundry pickup and delivery service, we can have peace in our mind and relax. Thourgh those sharing above, bTaskee hopes that you can choose the best suitable for your clothes and save money when using laundry pickup and delivery service. Do not forget to share with bTaskee your experiences when using Laundry Pickup and Delivery service.

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