6 unexpected uses for coffee that will make your life easier

Whether you prefer an espresso, long black, flat white or cappuccino, it is a fact that Australians love coffee. According to data by euromonitor, Australia was ranked 28th in the world for coffee consumption at 2.6kg per capita. That is approximately 16.3 million coffees consumed each day!

While coffee not only energises you in the morning, it also works as an inexpensive tool to complete a range of household tasks, from cleaning your pans to getting rid of the smell of onion from your hands. Unsure of how to make use of coffee? Helpling, Australia’s leading online marketplace for domestic cleans are spilling the beans on how you can utilise the aromatic drink for a cleaner home:

Hand Washing

Eager to show off your cooking skills but is that onion smell lingering even during your dinner? Washing your hands with coffee grounds help remove any nasty odour collected by chopping up strong smelling ingredients such as onion and garlic. That aroma from onions and garlic will from now on only be tasted in dishes and not when you’re eating dessert or breakfast the next day.

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