App-driven home cleaning: What makes it become a spectacular turn in Vietnam?

In spite of being available in Vietnam for only around 2 years, app-driven home cleaning service has developed rapidly surpassing various traditional home cleaning companies. The platform has attracted a large number of customers as well as housemaids. This also means that traditional home cleaning companies are losing their market share. So, what makes the technological home cleaning service so attractive like that?

1. App-driven home cleaning service: The “newcomer” becomes an absolute winner

According to the population statistics, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City currently have more than 3.5 million households. 10% out of this number has the demand for hiring a housemaid. This creates a market which is worth 1,400 billion VND, making the home cleaning services become a 1-million-dollar service industry. The number of potential customers as well as the demand exponentially climbs up, but the market only meets about 20% of customer demand. This results in the imbalance in the industry and dramatic shortage of housemaids.

Companies providing home cleaning services have been operated for a long time. However, due to its small size and ineffectiveness, they could not adapt customers’ demand. Meanwhile, app-driven home cleaning services have solved all the difficulties in finding housemaids. Now they are able to fulfill 95% of customer needs in a swift, effective and money saving way. As a result, traditional companies are losing the battle.

Within a year of launching, nearly 100,000 customers were interested in and using app-driven home cleaning service. This clearly shows the immense appeal of this new platform to families looking for a housemaid. With the increasing number of both customers and housemaids switching to app-driven home cleaning service, traditional platform does not seem to be able to catch up in the competition. They are continuously losing a large share of customers as well as labor, which means they are leaving majority of the market to the app-driven ones.

2. Why do traditional home cleaning service burn out on the track?

Currently, there are three main home cleaning service models in Vietnam:

  • Traditional home cleaning service – This consists of recruiting, training and providing housemaids following the process that has been used from the past until now.
  • Hybrid home cleaning service – Here, technology is used in assisting transaction process and service quality evaluation.
  • App-driven home cleaning service (or Uber for house cleaning) – Technology ultimately connects supplies and demands, as well as implements all processes. The outstanding example of this model is bTaskee – An on-demand home cleaning service app.

Traditional and hybrid home cleaning services have a difference in terms of their names. However, hybrid home cleaning services still carry the old service model which has been around for decades. This results from the over-complicated operating process and lack of innovation in participants’ mindsets. Despite adapting technology, the hybrid model takes 2-3 days to find a housemaid for customers. Also, there are too many unnecessary costs during operation, which usually results in low housemaid wages. Therefore, many housemaids are losing interests in working for these two models.

3. The general formula that helps App-driven home cleaning service conquers the market

If you ever used traditional home cleaning service before, you may have recognized the huge disadvantages of this service model. Meanwhile, app-driven home cleaning service quickly resolves these difficulties since everything is automated to the maximum. Companies that have strengths in providing app-driven service all develop apps in assisting the customers find a housemaid in a more convenient and faster way.

Balancing the supply and demand

This service model is successful because it can balance the supplies and demands in the market. It is not surprise when customers are switching to technology adapted service, since it helps customers to quickly find a suitable housemaid while saving time and efforts. This also leads to the relocation of the workforce, who quits the traditional ones to work for technological model for stable workload and high wages. Technological home-cleaning service just focuses only on developing the app and customer support, as well as recruiting; thus, the model is straightforward and does not cost much. As a result, housemaids are paid with higher salary. Like in bTaskee – An on-demand home cleaning service app, the maids are paid between 43,000 and 50,000 VND per hour of work. While other companies just pay for 30,000 – 40,000 VND per hour. Here, each task usually takes about 2-3 hours; so, those who work for 6 hours per day will earn around 300,000 VND. This income is relatively high which creates a great motivation for them and the quality of service is hence automatically enhanced.

Fast service with high quality

Adapting the technology into finding housemaids helps app-driven home cleaning service maximizing the capacity of customers and housemaids. After downloading the app on phones, customers just simply post the task details. Then, housemaids will see the task and actively accept it if they have time. This will effectively save time and satisfy the needs of both parties.

Monitoring the quality of service

Aside from the fast and convenient benefits, technological home-cleaning service can ensure the consistent quality of work. Customers will be the one who evaluate the quality of housemaids by star rating once the task is done. Those with low star rates will be eliminated from the system, so the quality is quite uniform. Moreover, customers can see the average star rates of a particular housemaid as well as previous customers’ feedback in advance. Thus, if they are not satisfied with that housemaid, they can find another person that suits their demand. Housemaids’ income and workload are influenced by the rates; therefore, they must be devoted to their work to maintain high star ratings and this improves the quality of service.

By using technology to benefit customers and the workforce, it is clear that technological home-cleaning services are now a growing trend within the industry. Quick – convenient – safe – easy to use are undeniable advantages of this new form of service. If you need a housemaid, technological home-cleaning service is a right choice for you.

Translated from Thư Lê’s “Điều gì làm nên cuộc đổi ngôi ngoạn mục của giúp việc công nghệ ở Việt Nam?”


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