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On-demand home cleaning service: 5 must-consider things

24 hours a day seem not to be enough for us. As you may see, we have a lot of things to prioritize. Our daily to-do list is full of works and there is not much time left for our families and ourselves. Therefore, the demand on finding housemaids or On-demand home cleaning service, especially in Vietnam, is considerably increasing as the average keyword search volume for ‘housemaid’ exceeds 20,000.

However, traditional home cleaning service is no longer suitable with the current pace of living. Families, especially in cities, are often afraid of the housemaids living with them. Hence, many households have decided to go to brokers to find an On-demand home cleaning maids instead, but other problems arise. Families will have to concern about the quality, reliability and also responsibility of the service provider. What a nuisance, right? Thus, in order to have a credible and qualified housemaid, you should consider 5 things down below:

1. The reputation of the company

This is the prior thing that you should consider when finding a cleaning service provider. You should choose companies providing On-demand home cleaning service platform. And looking for their reputation can help you with the general evaluation about those companies as well as their housemaids. This can also assist you in avoiding unqualified businesses.

So, how can we know whether a particular company is credible or not? It is really simple, you can look for:

  • The coverage of the company when searching for ‘On-demand home cleaning service’
  • The media and press about the company when searching online
  • Previous customers’ reviews and comments on the service

2. The qualification of housemaids

Housemaid’s qualification is another must-consider aspect here, since this can directly affect your own living space. Will you accept an unqualified service when spending so much money on that? So, just look for an On-demand home cleaning service platform where you can easily see working history and previous customers’ feedbacks on the service. Accordingly, you will feel easier when having a qualified and experienced housemaids working for you.

3. The transparency in payments while using home cleaning service

This is one of the downsides you may face with when experiencing On-demand home cleaning service. This is also a common trick that is used by incompetent companies to set the price up and cheat on both housemaids and customers. However, with the transparency in payments, you will not have to pay any unfounded fee.

And how can we acknowledge whether a company is transparent with their payments or not? Let’s carefully search for the price range and payment methods through housemaids and home cleaning service companies. And do not hesitate to refuse service from those whose payment methods are unclear and vague.

4. The insurance for housemaids

There must be insurance for employees in any job. However, many brokers and home cleaning service providers do not do this at all. Hence, in the case of housemaids having accidents during the service provision, businesses will not be able to make a full compensation. You will be more secure if your housemaid having qualification and her own labor insurance, won’t you? You can just search for these information on the company’s websites. Let’s choose those who have labor insurance to ensure the safety of the housemaids and you will not have to worry about it anymore.

5. The time spent on looking for a housemaid

When all of the above issues are considered, the time spent on finding a housemaid will leave you with a headache. Normally, for home cleaning service providers, it takes you a week to a month to finally find an On-demand home cleaning service maid. It is not to mention the time spent on finding a suitable one. Meanwhile, your dear home cannot wait for a long time like that. Then, you may deal with this repeating problem when your housemaid suddenly asking for a break.

Therefore, let’s specify these following factors with the service providers:

  • The maximum time the company can provide a suitable housemaid
  • The weekly working time of the housemaid
  • The minimum contract length (if any)

And among various On-demand home cleaning service platform, have you ever heard about bTaskee – On-demand home cleaning maid service app? This app is specialized in families or households’ services.

With the use of technology, users are allowed to directly post a task on the app. Housemaids then actively accept the task and confirm with the customers. This can help shortening the time spent on finding a housemaid. Moreover, with cleaning with subscription feature, your cleaning task will become easier.

Customers can easily see the working history and previous customers’ feedback to better know the qualification of the housemaids. Besides, users just only pay the amount of money that are already shown on the app. Especially, bTaskee is currently the only company providing the insurance package for the housemaids which is up to 100 million VND. bTaskee ensures to bring the best working environment to the housemaids.

If you want to know more about bTaskee, just look for previous customers’ feedback and comments on the service.

Translated from Phú Thiên’s “Giúp việc nhà theo giờ | 05 vấn đề cần cân nhắc!”

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