Air-conditioner Dry mode: What exactly is it?

Air-conditioner (AC) is always our ‘life-saver’ during hot weather, especially in Vietnam and other tropical countries in general. And as you may know, a modern AC now has various modes which make the device run better. Recently, there are rumors about the effectiveness of Air-conditioner Dry mode in energy saving, aside from Power Saver mode. However, do we exactly know what Dry mode is? Let bTaskee answer this question for you and there will be even more than that.

1. What is Air-conditioner Dry mode?

Air-conditioner Dry mode is symbolized by a water drop, and can be found on the AC’s modes. Its main function is to dry, or dehumidify which then eliminate the moisture from the indoor air without decreasing the room temperature. The mode is preferably used during rainy season when the humidity level is high.

2. What is the difference between Air-conditioner Dry mode and Cool mode?

Dry and Cool mode both help users feel cooler; however, they truly have different purposes.

  • Cool mode cools the room following the temperature shown on the remote and maintain it during the time of usage. It also reduces parts of moisture level in the room.
  • Dry mode primarily extract the extra humidity from the room. It helps the room not to exceed the temperature which is adjusted right before switching to the Dry mode.

Dry mode will reduce the humidity level, which makes the sweat evaporate quickly and carries away the heat. Nevertheless, Dry mode is only suitable when the humidity level is high or the outdoor temperature is low.

Eventually, Cool mode will waste much more energy than Dry mode does, because the AC compressor has to take time to convert the inner temperature into the cool air. While Dry mode just leads and evaporates the moisture from the air, which then flows the dry air back to the room. Therefore, the energy can be saved and somehow it lowers your electricity bill.

3. How to use Air-conditioner Dry mode correctly?

Dry mode is not always preferable, especially in hot and sunny days. Specifically, the humidity level is already low during these days. Dry mode will make you feel more unpleasant and even dry your skin. Besides, it is kinda effective if you turn on the Cool mode first, and then switch to the Dry mode once the room temperature is cool enough to save the energy.

In general, you should choose the Dry mode when the weather is hot and damp and choose the Cool mode when the weather is hot and dry.

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