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Our Vision: “Put free time back into your hands”

At bTaskee, we understand just how important it is to have a clean, harmonious home to work, rest and play in. Technology plays a large part in making lives more convenient. We believe that booking a home cleaning service should be convenient and easy. With bTaskee, we created a system where in less than 60 seconds you can book a trusted and tested home cleaning service through our app or website. This relieves you of the burden of having to spend endless hours looking for a cleaner and puts time back into your hands.

Our Story

bTaskee is a dynamic startup team headquartered in Vietnam’s most vibrant city, Ho Chi Minh City (mostly still referred to locals as Saigon). bTaskee goal is to disrupt the traditionally fragmented home cleaning market in the South-East Asia Region. Since its launch in April 2016, the Company has posted over 10,000 transactions. bTaskee is looking to expand to new services and markets in 2017.

Thank you to the amazing team that helped bTaskee get off the ground

We are immensely grateful to our technology, customer service teams and interns that work tirelessly to push the boundaries of creativity to make our journey a success.

To find out more about us, go to www.btaskee.com

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Team bTaskee